DESTINY offers content creation services both from hardcopy catalogs as well as electronic formats like QXD, PDF, XLS, CSV, text etc. DESTINY can give any output format required by the customer, like XLS, XML, text files or any exchange specific formats like OEX XML, CUP, CIF, cXML etc. DESTINY specializes in providing fully rich content. 

Some of the activities or assignments undertaken under Content Creation are:

Our Business Model

We offer following business models to our clients depending upon kind and scope of project, suitability of the model to the project specifics and time frames:

Fixed Cost Model : In this highly popular model among the customers, the client pays a fixed cost per month depending upon the number of persons utilized in the project. The benefit of this model is that you get extensions to your office as the employees you hire work full time exclusively on your projects. Besides, this model also offers competitive rates and guarantees customer full control over the entire process.
Time and Material Model : In this model the client pays as per the time spent on the project, resources utilized, number of records/pages completed. It is usually utilized in projects where requirements, nature and scope of project or staff requirements and anticipated duration of the project are bound to change from time to time.