DESTINY Content Solution Pvt. Ltd. India was started as small core group firm of 15 genius people from our location in Tamil Nadu. However, our passion for growth, desire to meet the client’s expectations and uncompromised commitment to succeed on the deliverables has made us a multi faceted, multi-functional mercurial team.

We have a highly motivated and talented team of intellectual wizards, from diverse backgrounds and experience, who are focused on providing our customers the best possible experience in using the various Content services provided by us (viz. classification, data cleansing, data enrichment and content creation). We can handle any Data type as an input and can provide any output format. We use right mix of content knowledge, Domain expertise and Automation in the Process in order to provide low cost, high Quality content.

Why choose DESTINY India?

Team has 7 years of experience in providing content solutions to our customers in India and all over the world.
• Expertise and In-depth knowledge in diverse fields.
• Excellent communication skilled personnel’s, who are able to completely understand your requirements.
• Efficient and timely execution of short and long term projects as per client specified necessities.
• Faster turnarounds and ability to handle large voluminous data and rush-hour jobs.
• Cost savings and increase in profit margins for you.
• Accuracy and quality of data assured.
• Dedicated Team and a Project Manager assigned for each job.
• Documentation prepared for each project to ensure that each team member has comprehensive knowledge of the job specifics.